QuadraFire. Best thing for fire since the match.

Man created fire. We made it 4x better. Quadra-Fire's patented four-point combustion system offers a longer, more efficient flame that’s safer for the environment. We’re all drawn to fireplaces and wood stoves for the heat as well as the ambience. QuadraFire fulfills those needs with the best looking stoves and fireplaces in the Northwest. See QuadraFire for yourself and stop by Coastal Farm and Ranch, the largest retailer of QuadraFire products in the U.S.

Burn Hotter, Longer and Cleaner with Bear Mountain.

For over 20 Years, Bear Mountain has set the standard for premium wood pellets. Their Douglas fir based formula burns consistently hot and clean. They are 100% wood, and they never include recycled wood, additives, plastics or waxes.

You can enjoy all American security with Liberty Safes
Warm your hands and heart

Come to Coastal Farm and Ranch and we’ll help you find the right stove for your family. The stove has been an integral part of the Northwest since this land was settled.Today, pellet, gas, and wood stoves are built just like stoves were 100 years ago – to last forever. But today’s stoves have something those turn-of-the-last-century models lacked –efficiency and aesthetics. Efficiency that keeps your family warm while still being environmentally friendly, and aesthetics that add beauty and value to any home.


    Meeco Firelighting Squares   24 Pack

    Meeco Firelighting Squares - 24 Pack

    Made from compressed wood chips, paper fiber and wax. Ideal for charcoal grills, campfires, fireplaces, woodstoves, pellet and c ...More Information

    Meeco 64oz. Glass Door Cleaner - Wood Stove

    The strongest formula available for the removal of baked on creosote. A safe, strong formula that removes the baked on creosote, ...More Information

    Meeco 64oz  Glass Door Cleaner   Wood Stove